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Man charged in Sara Hougom shooting death pleads guilty

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The second man charged in the shooting death of a La Crosse woman has also pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

Kong Vue pleaded guilty to one count of party to a crime, first-degree reckless homicide for the death of 20-year-old Sara Hougom March 26 at her apartment on Division Street.

Three remaining charges were dropped as a result of the plea agreement.

Kong Vue will be sentenced on November 5. He faces a maximum of 60 years in prison.

Pao Choua Vue pleaded guilty to first-degree reckless homicide on August 15. He faces a maximum of 40 years in prison at sentencing in October.

Pao Choua Vue and Kong Vue were both charged with first-degree intentional homicide and with attempted first-degree intentional homicide in a drive-by shooting on Island Street just minutes before the Division Street shooting.

Kong Vue told investigators he went into Hougom's apartment to steal money and shot in Hougom's direction before running away. Hougom died a short time later at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse.


Three other felony charges against Pao Choua Vue, including the attempted first-degree intentional homicide charge and a burglary charge, were dismissed, but will be considered at sentencing.

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