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Man arrested in May's Photo shooting

LA CROSSE, Wis - A Dakota, Minnesota man is arrested for involvement in the homicides at May's Photo.

La Crosse Police announced Jeffrey P. Lepsch, 39, was arrested this afternoon near his home.

The owner of the photo shop, Paul Petras and his son A.J., were found shot to death inside the store.

Police have a news conference scheduled for Thursday morning.

Paul Petras', best friend Ted Withey, said there's only one way to describe how it feels to hear about the arrest.

"I will use the word 'relieved' because it's a relief knowing that somebody like this is not still on the loose because he could come into any one of our businesses or anything," said Withey.

Withey said he spoke with the Petras family right after police made the announcement, and he said they are also relieved an arrest has been made.

Withey said he doesn't know Lepsch and said he doesn't think Paul knew Lepsch, either. He said it's hard to believe something like this could happen.

"For somebody just to go in, supposedly that went off the deep end, so to speak, doesn't make sense, but there's a lot of things in life and in La Crosse actually that don't make sense anymore, but we have to deal with it, and that's what we're going to do. We're going to carry on," said Withey.

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