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Long winter's impact on construction

Long winter's impact on construction

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Now is the time of year when crews are either starting a lot of building projects, or going back to a site to finish an earlier one.

Deep ground frost this winter could throw a wrench in some of those plans.

Builders are having a hard time finding ground- thawing equipment because it's needed at so many sites across the nation.

TCI is based in our area.

In one case, the company had to go all the way to to Kentucky to find a thawing unit.

This difficult winter could have a lasting impact.

"With the frost and the depths.. we'll definitely see projects that were either anticipated to start construction or complete construction, potentially be delayed, or even experience the cost of thawing the ground out," said Brian Busser, who's in Business Development at TCI.

Because of the propane shortage TCI has also switched some of its propane-powered heating units for diesel units, instead.

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