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Local strawberry crop in good condition despite late start

Cold spring delays peak strawberry season, but healthy crop expected

Strawberry crop in good condition

LA CRESCENT, Minn. (WKBT) - Mother Nature made its mark on the strawberry crop this year, but producers aren't worried about a little delay.

A long, cold spring pushed back the peak strawberry season by about two weeks this year, but producers are still expecting a large, healthy crop.

Peak season for strawberries is usually mid-June to early July, but growers say it could be extended this year thanks to the weather.

A strawberry farm in Minnesota says they opened on Monday and have already picked a ton of good-sized berries.

"We get at least probably 400 to 500 people a day and it depends on how busy it is. I've been out here where we are in the shed and we have about 100 carrier boxes and they have all been in use," said Nicholas Hermann, assistant manager of Kathan's Homestead Berries.

Growers expect raspberries and blueberries to ripen a little later than normal this year as well.

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