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Local robotics teams show off their creations

LA CROSSE, Wis. - While mainly about home improvement, the Greater La Crosse Home and Builders Show at the La Crosse Center served as a platform for some local high school students to demonstrate their latest building projects.

The Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition, made up of local high school robotics teams, displayed their creations on Sunday.

Take a look at these robots they designed to throw frisbees. The teams build their robots and then train to compete in tournaments.


A member of the Aquinas high school robotics team says, along the way, she's picked up a lot of other life skills.

"I went in not knowing barely anything," said Aquinas High School sophomore Alexis Puyleart. "I could tell the difference between a screw and a nail of course, but I didn't know how to use barely any tools but now I can tell you all about screws and could go on for a half our about that. I know how to use band saws, jig saws, drills and pretty much every tool we have in the robotics room."

The Aquinas team won its regional competition earlier this month and is heading to nationals in Saint Louis at the end of April.

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