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Local musicians help people in need at WAFER Jam

LA CROSSE, Wis. - In the spirit of the holidays, local musicians are taking to the stage to help those in need.

The muscians performed in the first annual WAFER Jam at Overtime Sports Bar in Onalaska.  All proceeds from the concert go directly to WAFER Food Pantry.

Nine bands performed  through out the night, including Grammy Award Winner Bill Miller.  Organizers say the event is meant to help those who need it the most, something which will utlimately help those who have donated.  "It's a very selfish reason," said WAFER Jam organizer Jimbo Zill, "it makes me feel good and I'm telling ya, it makes makes everybody feel good. That's the whole part of this is feeling good, it feels so good to give to somebody that doesn't have enough."

There was no cover to get into the show.  Organizers asked for either non perishable food items or  monatary donations.


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