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Local entrepeneuer looking for help to 'kickstart' new product

Local bike shop owner wants to sell first American-made fat bike

Local entrepreneur using Kickstarter to fund new project

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A local entrepreneur is looking for help to get a new line of products rolling.

The owner of Wyatt's Bicycle wants to bring the first American-made fat bike to the area called "the Drift."

But to do so, the business needs funding.

The bicycle company started a campaign on a website called "Kickstarter."

People can pledge money to the campaign, and in return, they get incentives like a discounted price on the bike.

If the $50,000 campaign goal is met, Wyatt gets the money to build the specialty bike.

"If they want, they can actually take it to places they haven't ridden before, such as the beach, and that's an experience you can't have on any other type of bike," said Wyatt Hrudka, the President and Founder of Wyatt's Bicycle Co.

Wyatt says the bike also handles snow very well.

To learn more about the bike or to help fund the project, click here.

The campaign ends July 19th.

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