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Lawrence-Lawson Elementary honors Amy Stauffer

Amy Stauffer Memorial Playground unveiled

Lawrence-Lawson Elementary honors Amy Stauffer

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) - 3 years ago Lawrence-Lawson Elementary in Sparta lost one of its teachers. She may be gone, but now the school is making sure her legacy lives on.

Friday the school unveiled the Amy Stauffer Memorial Playground. After countless hours of fundraising the school, parents, and students raised more than 50-thousand dollars in donations for the memorial. The money was used to add more playground equipment while giving what was already there a facelift.

Amy's husband says the dedication is something she would be a little bit embarrassed about, but proud of her students and all of their hard work.

"I think Amy would be very happy to know that kids were so involved in fundraising for this playground that oh by the way just happens to have the name Amy Stauffer on it. That is really a proud thing for all of us, our entire family, it's something that we're honored with," said Chris Stauffer.

The students alone, collected more than $9,000 for the memorial playground.

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