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Last-minute shoppers hit the mall

ONALASKA, WI (WKBT) - There isn't a nickname for this shopping weekend, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday - but maybe there should be.

The Valley View Mall in Onalaska was packed with people doing their last-minute shopping Saturday, and it kept even the most experienced salesmen on their toes. Johanna Mulder, a 24-year veteran of Macy's, was one of them.

"Insanely busy is putting it mildly," she said. "If one looks at the parking lot, you will understand why."

Empty parking spaces may have been few and far between, but deals were in high demand. Macy's store manager Betsy Holy said the sales her location promoted htis weekend could rival even those of Black Friday, and they brought nearly every type of shopper out of the woods.

 "The procrastinators are panicking, it's four days 'til Christmas. Now's the time to shop," she said.

According to the National Retail Association, more shoppers did their Christmas shopping later this year, thanks to a shorter holiday season. Despite that, experts say sales are still on track to increase by 3.9 percent this December. That compares to the 3.5 percent growth stores saw last December.

Mulder attributes that late busy season to a slowly improving economy.

"The urgency no longer exists," she said. "People are coming now because the sales are there, the staffing is here. It just seems today is more positive."


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