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La Crosse's mayor back after visiting Captial Hill

Mississippi Mayor Meeting

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse's mayor is back in town after visiting  Capitol Hill.

Mayor Tim Kabat was one of 15 mayors speaking out for the communities along the Mississippi River in Washington D.C. this week. They were representing a larger group of 60 river town mayors who work together as one voice for the Mississippi. While in D.C., the mayors talked with lawmakers, the army corps of Engineers, and other federal agencies.

Their goal is to maintain and improve the river, especially for how valuable it is for getting food on our table.

"Shipping, when you're talking about internal waterways, I believe it's probably close to half of all of our agricultural products in the nation, are shipped through the Mississippi River," says, Mayor Tim Kabat.

The mayors are also looking for ways to improve the river's health... especially farther downstream.

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