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La Crosse residents to receive letters about running water

Contacted customers to get credit for additional use

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The City of La Crosse Utilities Office will mail out letters to almost 220 customers on Wednesday who were requested or instructed to run water to prevent freeze-up problems with their water and/or sewer services.

Water Utility Manager Mark Johnson said frost in the ground has finally receded to a depth where the threat of freezing should be past. 

"The affected customers are being requested to call the utilities office with a meter reading once the water is shut-off, which will be used to calculate and apply a credit for the additional water and sewer use during the time the water was running," Johnson said.

Customers from the properties that were requested or instructed to run water may also return a pre-paid postcard with the meter reading, or schedule an appointment for a service call to get the reading.

"We want to extend our thanks to these customers for their cooperation and patience as we worked through the challenges of the past winter," Johnson said. "The extended, very cold periods resulted in conditions, especially frost depth, that most communities in the state, including La Crosse, haven't seen for decades."

Several other municipalities have told residents they can stop running water at a pencil stream.

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