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La Crosse Promise offers full tuition scholarship

Scholarship is one of three main prongs

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - The La Crosse Promise is a sort of revitalization effort that focuses on linking economic development and education.

New details on the program were recently announced on how it's making education more accessible for La Crosse families.

There are three main prongs to the Promise program. The first involves future centers, or places high school students can get prepared for the next step in their life after graduation. That phase is already in place at high schools in our area. The second prong is a scholarship that would fund a student's post-secondary education - if their family lives in La Crosse. The third prong involves the economic development Program directors are hoping will come to the city as a result of education.

Nearly 40 other cities across the country have similar Promise programs, but only La Crosse is tying in the concept of economic development. It's doing that through the place-based scholarship - money to pay for your child's post-secondary education if you build your home in the city of La Crosse.


The scholarship will fund post-secondary education within the state, based on the cost of tuition at UW-Madison.

To qualify, a family has to build a house worth $150,000 or more within the La Crosse school district - and they have to live there until their children graduate high school.

The idea is with the promise of that scholarship, families will invest in their neighborhood by building their life, and their home there - and the city will invest in the family with a promise to pay for college.

There are currently 40 lots available to build on, and the city has promised more will open up if there is demand.

Homes, the American dream - it's what the Promise program wants to build to help breathe new life into its neighborhoods. And it's using the promise of education to achieve it.

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