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La Crosse Police want to change public image

Citizen's Police Academy aimed to increasing understanding

La Crosse Police want to change public image

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The La Crosse Police Department is giving an inside look at their jobs through a Citizen's Police Academy.

The department believes their job, and many times their officers are often misunderstood.  They are holding the academy in hopes the next time we see someone pulled over or being arrested, we have a better understanding why.

The 8-week course covers, attended by News 8, has a wide range of topics from police officer hiring to day to day patrols.  There is a course on why a Taser is used, and how it affects someone who it hit with one.

The homicide unit takes us through an actual investigation and tells us how they made an arrest.  We learn about use of deadly force and there is live fire on their training range.

Every member of the class also get to ride along with an officer to see what a typical night in La Crosse is all about.

In the coming weeks we will show you stories about what that class is like including interviews with some class members and trainers, and you'll also hear how the training they are giving us is used on the street every day.

This is the first police academy held by the La Crosse Police Department.  The Onalaska Police Department is half way through their academy.

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