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La Crosse Police Sgt. Alan Iverson arrested

Iverson faces charges for allegedly threatening wife, family

La Crosse Police Sgt. Alan Iverson arrested

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A La Crosse police sergeant is in custody for threatening his wife and family.

Alan Iverson, 45, was arrested without incident Thursday in downtown La Crosse.

In a police report, Iverson's wife said he threatened to shoot her, their kids and himself after she asked for a divorce on Tuesday.

He's facing charges for domestic disorderly conduct and domestic intimidation of a victim.

When Iverson's wife told him she wanted a divorce, he told her that they should just go over to the police department and grab his duty gun and they should take care of things right there, according to the police report.

She then told him she was going to grab money and get lunch, but Iverson wouldn't let her take the car and took the keys, she told police. She decided to walk when Alan Iverson told her "let's just see how far you will get" and then stated that "you think I am kidding" and then threatened to kill her, their two kids and then himself, according to the complaint.

Iverson has been placed on paid administrative leave with the La Crosse Police Department during the investigation. That is standard policy.

A La Crosse County judge set a $100,000 cash bond Thursday afternoon. Iverson is being held outside of the county and Jackson County attorney Gerald Fox has been assigned the case.

Iverson's next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

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