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La Crosse Police Chief settles into new job

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Chief Ron Tischer has been here about two months and has tackled everything from Oktoberfest opening weekend to a double murder investigation, and he's made it clear in the few weeks he's been here, he won't do his job from behind a desk.

Chief Tischer starts most of his days walking through the department.  More of a cop than political climber, the new Chief says he's never been a desk guy and even jokes he could take a squad car out if the need him.

His lack of enthusiasm for desk work derailed his first career.  Tischer went to school for, and eventually got a job as a mechanical engineer.  "Absolutely hated it, and I had a great job," says Tischer, "it just wasn't something I wanted to do, sit behind a desk for the next 30 years."


That's when Tischer turned to law enforcement.  With early stops in Racine county and the River Hills P.D., Tischer eventually found a home for 16 years with the Waukesha Police Department.  "Out in Waukesha I had a lot of opportunities to do different things," says Tischer, "see what I like best about police work and found what I liked most was supervising."

It's been two months in the new job and from the looks of his office, he hasn't unpacked, but that doesn't mean he's been sitting still.  Even before he arrived his department was in the middle of double murder investigation at May's photo.  "Before I even gothere I was being briefed on the progress they were making," says Tischer,  "I just knew it was going to be a matter of time before they developed a suspect."

The May's photo shooting is just one example of Tischer's biggest challenge as Chief, the rising crime problem in La Crosse, something that tischer says is being imported.  "People from other cities, Chicago, Minneapolis, setting up shot here in La Crosse," says Tischer,"we want to create the atmosphere that they're not welcome here, annd the police department is going to work hard to make sure that that's the message we send to the drug dealers."

But aren't the only problem for the department, and Tischer knows his job now is to lead a department to a solution.  "My job now is to make sure that everybody that works with the police department has the tools and the resources and the training they need to carry out their job and make the city of La Crosse safe."

One of Tischer's main goals is to strengthen the community policing philosophy.  He says the May's photo investigation is a good example of community members helping police combat crime in their neighborhoods.

Tischer says he hopes to call La Crosse home for a while,  "This is most likely my last stop for my law enforcement career, so I plan on being here until I retire."

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