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La Crosse HS students get life lessons at The Reality Store

LA CROSSE, WI - Juniors and seniors at La Crosse Central High School got some life lessons at The Reality Store. 

The students researched what life would be like in a career they want to pursue with a family and all. 

On Wednesday, they put their budgeting skills to the test with help from more than 60 business volunteers. They had to pay taxes, buy a home  and deal with unexpected life events. 

"It just gives me kind of a better feeling about my future, because I get to do this now instead of reading from book and not being able to experience it until I'm like in my 20's and 30's," said Central High School senior Katie Kammer. 

The reality store's organizer says this tends to be one of the top five things students remember from their k-12 education.


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