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La Crosse garbage, recycling bins reported missing

City asks residents to write down serial number of bins

La Crosse garbage, recycling bins reported missing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The City of La Crosse's Recycling Department says some new recycling and garbage bins have been reported missing.

The department says residents should write down the serial number on the outside of their bins.

Each bin has its own number which is assigned to a specific address to make it easier to track if it's lost.

"When they go missing, you can find them if they happen to go missing in your neighbor's yard or someplace else," said La Crosse Recycling Coordinator Brandon Shea. "Now if you cannot find them within your neighborhood, if you have your serial number and can't find them, there will be an $85 dollars charge to have those replaced."

If your bins disappear, you should report it by filing out a "citizen online self-reporting" form on the La Crosse Police Department's website.

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