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La Crosse Fire Dept. hopes for accreditation approval

Part of the process is called the ‘Standards of Cover'

Accreditation Process: Standards of Cover

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The La Crosse Fire Department is taking a closer look at their needs depending on where a fire starts in the city.

They have been working towards accreditation for the past four years, which is a stamp of approval from the firefighting industry's top officials.

One part of the process is called the "Standards of Cover." Firefighters look at every building while they inspect and classify them at different risk levels which determine their response.

 "A moderate fire we would send 14 personnel out the door to get them there to complete the critical tasks that you would need to perform to put out that fire and rescue victims, and all the other tasks that are assigned in that. The high risk buildings we require 18 people."

 The Fire Department is presented the information to the City Council Monday night.


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