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La Crosse Fire Dept. EMT's now trained to carry drug antidote

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A potentially life saving drug is now in the hands of local firefighters.

EMT's with the La Crosse Fire Department are now trained to carry Narcan.

Narcan is an antidote for people who overdose on certain drugs like heroin, vicodin, and morphine.

Essentially it gets the person breathing again and giving the drug sooner could save lives. "We would basically support that person's breathing and try to maintain them until an advanced life support unit arrived. Now we have the ability to actually awaken the person and stimulate their breathing," said Div. Chief Greg Temp with the La Crosse Fire Department.

Last year, Tri-State Ambulance told us they administered Narcan more than 200 times between January and October.


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