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La Crosse emergency crews keep busy

LA CROSSE, Wis. - From the Oktoberfest run to the Maple Leaf parade to celebrations across the city, La Crosse emergency crews work extra hard to keep the city safe during festival weekend.

"Tonight we will get calls. A lot of them drink to excess and then are unable to be woken up, and that usual gets you a trip to the hospital," Darin Wendel, clinical manager at Tri-State Ambulance, said.

"We've already seen this morning we had a very successful response to someone that got really sick at the end of the marathon," Tyler Miller, a Tri-State Ambulance paramedic, said.

"This morning my partner and I were on patrol just watching the races that were going on this morning. About 9:15, we got a call for possible cardiac arrest. We happened to be about a half a block away when that came in. It's a very critical call for us.

"My partner and I were on scene from the time the 911 call came in to the time that we were at the patient was probably about 45 seconds or so. We were able to put our AED on right away and give that patient a shock within about two seconds of that patient going into cardiac arrest."

"I really just encourage people to stay with their friends because you can get disoriented quickly and find yourself in places you don't want to be in," Wendel said.

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