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La Crosse County recall estimate, $90,000

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Estimates are in for how much money the recall will cost La Crosse County and its municipalities.

The County Clerk, Jinny Dankmeyer, said the election would cost around $90,000.

That is the total for the county and the municipalities combined. The $90,000 includes a primary and general election. The clerk says if there isn't a primary election the cost would likely be cut in half.

Some of the costs come from things like printing the ballots, setting up the polls and mailing absentee ballots. The clerk said if there is a primary and general election, the $90,000 estimate might be a little low.


"The only way we can estimate the cost is off of what happened with the county wide senate recall election last year," she added. "We spent approximately $90,000 for the primary and the general election."

Those numbers make her believe, "If the recall happens for the governor it's probably going to be similar for that cost, maybe a little higher." She figures "there'll probably be a higher turnout of voters so more money will be spent on printing the ballots."

The statewide estimate for the recall election is $9 million.

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