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La Crosse County opposes powerline projects

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- The La Crosse County Board is showing its opposition to two proposed powerline projects that would run through the county.

Thursday night the board approved a resolution stating its opposition to the CapX2020 and Badger Coulee transmission line projects.

The resolution says the high voltage power lines would have negative effects on the environment, people's health and their wallets.


The resolution also disputes the claim the lines are needed to improve reliability.

Also Thursday the Citizens Energy Task Force presented a petition to the board with nearly 800 signatures of people opposed to the project.

"What we have, basically, is dirty coal from the Dakotas passing through the La Crosse area, through La Crosse County. to points East for sale and basically what we have here is a pass through that's going to cost us a great deal," says concerned citizen Dan Pretasky.

Xcel Energy, one of 11 energy companies involved in the CapX2020 project, maintains the powerlines are needed as demand for energy grows.

"We think the need is there, and we have the information to back that up," says Mike Herro, a spokesperson for Xcel Energy. "We just set peaks in August, and so to say that we're flat in growth and will never grow again, or that we can get out of this by conserving, or putting more renewables in, we've been doing that."

Public hearings with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission are scheduled March 13-14 on the CapX2020 project. Times and locations for the hearings have not be set.

Residents can voice their concerns and be able to give their input on three proposed routes.

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