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La Crosse County Democrats hold annual picnic

Candidates mingle with supporters

Democratic Picnic

LA CROSSE, Wis. News8000.com - With elections just months away, Democratic candidates are taking a different approach to campaigning.

Candidates had a chance to mingle with the public Monday night. for La Crosse County's Democratic Party's annual picnic. .Some of the candidates included State Representatives, Senators, Treasurers,  and even a candidate for Governor .

The picnic at Copeland park in La Crosse is a chance people get to know their candidates. in a time when their support is needed more than ever.

"It's very important to have strong grass root movement. This campaign is going to be won, not by money, because we will not have the most money, but it's going to be won by activist and people getting involved and willing to help us with the phone banks and the canvassing and getting the vote when that is necessary," said Vicki, Chair for the county's Democratic party.

Democratic candidate for Governor Brett Hulsey took his campaign one step further meeting for residents for a couple of drinks in downtown La Crosse after the picnic ended.

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