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La Crosse, BNSF railroad dispute will likely take weeks to settle

Searching for a Title

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The debate between the city and the railroad over who owns a piece of land on Forest Hills Golf Course will take some time to be settled.

La Crosse's Board of Public Works gave approval to a city official to contact a title company in Madison to find the history on the property.

BNSF is doing a search of its own.

The railroad company wants to add another track running parallel to its current line through the golf course.

However, La Crosse officials believe they own the land and hope proof of that turns up in Madison. "Dane County has a lot of the railroad records for the state of Wisconsin, so maybe there's a document in Madison that the county of La Crosse didn't get," said City Engineer Randy Turtenwald.

The search is expected to cost the city at least $800 and could take four to six weeks.

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