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Jordanian law firm to bill U. Iowa up to $550 an hour

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - The University of Iowa is paying attorneys with a prominent law firm in Jordan up to $550 hourly for their work seeking to dismiss charges brought by a fired professor against two administrators.

Records show the university signed a Jan. 3 agreement with Ali Sharif Zu'bi Advocates and Legal Consultants to represent former medical school dean Paul Rothman and associate dean Lois Geist.

The two face charges in the Amman Criminal Court of Magistrates by former radiology professor Malik Juweid, who was fired last year. Juweid claims he received a threatening phone call. The university calls his allegations baseless.

The firm's charging $475 to $550 per hour for a partner working the case, and $350 to $475 for two associates. The firm has billed the university more than $8,400.

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