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ONALASKA, Wis. -- Ask anyone in the hallways of Onalaska High School and you can bet they've heard about Mr. Fleege.

He's created quite a name for himself with his energetic teaching style and unique curriculum.

Social Studies teacher Glenn Fleege has quite the reputation. "You can ask anyone about Mr. Fleege and everyone's response is pretty much the same: 'Oh my God, I love him! Oh my God, he's so awesome!'" said senior Alayna Halverson.

After 28 years at Onalaska High School, his passion for teaching is stronger than ever.

"What makes Mr. Fleege unique is how excited he is to be here, often more excited than a lot of the students. But he makes it fun and really interesting. And he's always super energetic and always puts everything that he has into all of his lessons," said Halverson.


"Love it. I really do. People sometimes say I have such a positive attitude and I always say, well why not? Because I really love what I do. I love the people I work with. And most of all I really love working with the young people that come through the door every day," said Mr. Fleege.

Aside from History and Economics, he's also known for teaching a class with a less common title "Famous People."

In that class, his students take a look back at history through the eyes of, well, famous people.

Mr. Fleege describes, "The teacher tries to build connections with the students and then through that, connect them with your material and with your subject matter. And there is no right way or no wrong way to really do that."

"He's definitely one of the most unique teachers I've ever had. And I've never learned so much in one class," said Halverson.

And for Mr. Fleege, that's what teaching is all about. "If I can look back and say, well in some small way, I've had a positive influence on somebody, then I'm satisfied. I'm satisfied."

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