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Hundreds of pounds of prescription pills collected at drop-off event

ONALASKA, Wis. - Onalaska Police Officers are expecting to collect hundreds of pounds of prescription pills on Saturday.

It's part of the national "Take-Back" initiative.

Local authorities team up with volunteers to give the community a safe way to dispose of unwanted or unused medication at four different locations in the area.

Just an hour and a half in at the drop off-site at the Onalaska Police Department, nearly 200 cars had come through, bringing as little as a single bottle or as much as a garbage bag full.


One of the organizers said they could easily top 600 pounds at the one site.

"It gives people an opportunity to properly dispose of the medication instead of dumping them down the toilet where they get in the environment or just having them around where someone might be tempted to take them from them and abuse them," said Onalaska Police Department Sgt. Jasson Jobe.

Another drop off day is being planned in August.

Officers recommend you talk to your pharmacist if you have pills you'd like to get rid of sooner.

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