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Holmen Police to see new building

Holmen Police to see new building

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - The village of Holmen has been debating a new home for its police officers for at least the past three years.

It's now moving forward with plans to build a brand-new facility for the department that's been sharing space with City Hall for the past several decades. The $2.7 million facility will be built just down the road from today's tight quarters, taking up 10,00 square feet.

"We're bursting at the seams here, so it'll be very nice for the department to have its own stand-alone building," Police Chief Michael McHugh said.

The department's current space hasn't been expanded in 25 years. City officials who share the building with officers are looking forward to the move.

"It's going to be so efficient for them," village president Nancy Proctor said. "They don't have room to move around now."

Officers have been dealing with tight rooms and little storage space for years. The department's garage houses only two cars, while five others sit in the cold. The new building would include a seven-car garage.

Crews will break ground on the site late this summer. The police department expects to move into its new home by May of next year.

Along with the new facility comes a price tag for Holmen residents. Both the police chief and village president said property taxes will increase in 2015, though neither could say by how much.

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