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Helping abused children with a big, bad image

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Some area bikers are hoping to help abused children through their big, bad image.

A new chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse recently formed in La Crosse. To help with getting off the ground, members held a fundraiser this weekend at John's Bar.

Heather Lichthardt, the group's secretary, says the mission is to empower abused children.

That includes things like escorting children to court to testify against their abusers.


"Biker have a presence, an intimidating presence," said Lichthardt.

"If no one's going to stand up for these children, it's going to be us because bikers have a sense of family," she added.

The bikers all volunteer their time to help. Lichthardt says financial donations are still needed to cover expenses related to running the organization.

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