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Heating moratorium keeps WI families warm during winter

Heating moratorium keeps WI families warm during winter

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - If you worry about keeping yourself and your family warm during the winter, a law within the state is here to help you.

A heating moratorium in Wisconsin makes it illegal for energy providers to shut off a customer's power during the winter months.

From November first to April 15th, if a customer is unable to pay their electrical bill for any reason they will still be able to heat their home.

Energy providers do want to stress that while your power will not be shut off during the winter, your bills do not just disappear.

For this reason Xcel is urging customers to try to keep up to date on their monthly bills.

"Our main goal is always to keep customers up to date on paying their bills, and we have a lot of options that can assist with that. There's budget billing, there are assistance programs available that we encourage people to call in and keep caught up throughout the winter," says Xcel Community Service Manager, Mike Herro.

Visit Xcelenergy.com to learn more about available energy payment assistance programs.

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