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Health and Human Services turns 60

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It was 60 years ago that our country put an emphasis on health and welfare.

President Eisenhower created what's now known as the Health and Human Services Department.

That centralized the La Crosse County Department, which has records dating back to 1915.


Since the department began, an emphasis on immunizations, proper food preparation, and making everyday healthy choices has increased the average life expectancy by almost 20 years.

And it's making a big impact locally, reaching about 20,000 people every year for a wide array of services.

"We have 1/6 of the county's population see and use our services, most people aren't aware of how many people we touch, I think it's important to know, it's critical to know what services we offer and how can we be there to help," said Dean Ruppert, deputy director of the La Crosse County Health and Human Services.

For details on all the services the department offers you can call 784-HELP.

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