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Harps help local patients relax, heal

Mayo Clinic Health System's Reverie Harp Program free for patients

Harps help local patients relax, heal

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A local hospital is turning to the healing powers of music for its patients.

About a year ago, harpists started going into some patients rooms and together they would strum the instrument as part of Mayo Clinic Health System's Reverie Harp Program.

"It makes me feel relaxed and I can just let my mind kind of wander and go into a quiet space," said patient Lois Przywojski.

Each visit includes two harps. One played in the background. The other is ideally placed on the area where a patient is feeling pain.

The spiritual care specialists say it breaks a cycle of anxiety and pain and gives patients a lasting calm feeling.

"It almost universally works for anxious patients, for dementia patients and the accompanying restlessness of dementia, meaning there are less bed alarms going off at night for the people that we've seen," said Tom Vaughn who works in the Spiritual Care Department.

The program is funded by a grant and donations, making it free for all of the patients.

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