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Hamilton Early Learning Center prepares for school year

School hopes to build on successful year round calendar

School Prepares for Start of School

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Hamilton Early Learning Center in La Crosse is hoping to build on its success in having year-round school.

In its second year of having the alternative calendar, school officials saw an increase in enrollment, improved retention and improved reading levels in all grades. Students' behavior also improved office referrals dropped by more than half compared to the previous school year.

With classes starting back up again on Thursday, teachers who are new to the year-round calendar are anxious to see the impact it has on students.

"What I hoping to find is that the summer slide is reduced or disappears with the shorter breaks. We won't' have as much time when kids are not keeping their brains engaged. You know, it's just like the body, you either use it or lose it," said Peter Klitzke, a teacher at the school.

This year Hamilton will add a fourth grade. School officials hope to finish its transition to a full elementary school by 2015.

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