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Habitat Restore now accepting e-waste for free

LA CROSSE, Wis.-- People living in Wisconsin can no longer put their unwanted electronics out with the trash. So how do you get rid of them?

The Habitat ReStore in La Crosse is now accepting e-waste at no charge.

Usually the store takes donated building supplies and resells them with profits going to 'Habitat for Humanity,' but not with e-waste. Instead of re-selling it, the restore works with an outside company to recycle it.

The store has been accepting e-waste since this summer and items coming in show how quickly technology can change. "The volume of television sets has been a bit of a surprise. It appears everybody is going to the flat-screen television and getting rid of the traditional picture-tube televisions. That has been a big of a surprise," says Habitat ReStore Manager Steve Baker.

Although the restore accepts e-waste at no charge, a free-will donation is encouraged. For more information, check out habitatlacrosse.org/restore.

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