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Gov. Walker visits First Supply in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, WI - Governor Scott Walker made a brown bag visit to First Supply in downtown La Crosse Monday morning.

Walker feels First Supply is a good example of how his policies have helped job growth.

First Supply has 28 facilities serving four states and a central distribution center in La Crosse. It employs 500 Wisconsin employees and 50 new Wisconsin jobs were created just this year.

"We make promises whether people agree or disagree everything I've done," Governor Walker said. "I hope people see that the one that is consistent is that I keep my promises and I keep my word, I'll do what I say I'm going to do. And in this case I think people want to deliver what we are doing is creating a better business climate and that's what we'll be judged on next November."

And when  it comes to proposing new legislation in Wisconsin, Walker says bills proposed by both Republicans and Democrats he thinks both parties can agree on will be included.


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