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Gov. Walker: Property tax cut shows taxes headed in right direction

LA CROSSE, WI - Gov. Scott Walker is proposing a $100 million property tax cut.

Under the proposed cut, a median valued home would save about $33 during the next two years.

That's according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

And while that may not seem like a lot, for some home-owners, every dollar counts.

"I think anything helps," said Holmen woman Jennifer Larson.

Larson lives in Holmen and owns three rental properties in La Crosse.

She says she would welcome the extra cash from Walker's proposed property tax cut.

"For us with rental properties that would help to not only do upkeep but add value to the home and right now, having rental properties, you do have to pay a registration fee every couple of years which is $150, so adding money coming in or a decrease in the property taxes would help immensely," said Larson.


Gov. Walker says it's not so much about the amount that each home-owner would receive but the overall direction property taxes are going.

"For seniors, for working families, for farmers, for small business owners, that was one of the biggest complaints they had was that property taxes were continuing to escalate at percentages they just couldn't afford. It's not so much about the dollar amount, it's the fact that three years in a row we've seen property taxes go down in the state," said Walker.

But some say the $100 million could be used in a way that would have a greater impact on communities across the state.

"I think it would be appropriate to return some of that money to public schools who have seen drastic cuts over the last few years or just hold onto it. It's nice to have reserves at a time when you have some uncertainty. That's where we're at," said State Representative Jill Billings.

But from Larson's point of view, with plenty of bills to pay, every little bit counts.

"I think anyone would appreciate having an extra $33. That's a meal, that's a half a tank of gas. Everything helps especially when the price of everything else seems to go up," said Larson.

State Representative Steve Doyle says next week democratic legislators will present a proposal to use that money in what he says will be a more effective way to help stimulate the economy and help public school districts.

Gov. Walker hopes to have his proposal in place by November 1.

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