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Goodbye air traffic controllers in La Crosse?

LA CROSSE, Wis. - If automatic federal budget cuts happen, the La Crosse Municipal Airport would lose all their air traffic controllers.

As part of a sequester, all contract towers at airports across the country would be cut.

That means four full-time controllers would no longer direct planes into the airport and would be out of a job. But the airport says they won't have to cut flights and passengers shouldn't notice a difference.

Instead, without air traffic controllers, pilots would coordinate their landings with other pilots.

"A pilot comes in they would announce their intentions, wait for any other pilots to respond, and then they would coordinate which runways they are using with the other pilots," said Clinton Torp, La Crosse Municipal Airport Manager.

Torp says this is not unheard of. There are uncontrolled airports that operate across the country on a daily basis. Automatic budget cuts as to March 1 if Congress doesn't come to an agreement.

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