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Forest Hills golf course opens for season

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The warm weather is good news for golf enthusiasts who've had to wait to get out on area courses because of the late winter.

Forest Hills Golf Course in La Crosse is now open to the public.

The cold weather and wet conditions have kept the course from opening sooner.

It comes more than a month later than last year's opening.

The course manager, Keith Stoll said golf carts are not allowed on the course and only the front nine holes are open as they wait for the ground to fully thaw out.


"We have found we have a little bit of ice damage in a few areas and you know it's almost changing on a daily basis as the soil temperatures rise and the grass wakes up, it starts to perk up and it looks healthier and healthier so every day this week has been a positive. I look forward to the next few days in the 70s that will really get everything perked up and ready for the season," said Stoll.

Stoll said you can expect some landscape changes on the course this year.

That's because more than 120 trees were removed in January to avoid infection from the emerald ash borer.

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