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Firefighters have new place to train

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The La Crosse Fire Department has a new place to train, thanks to Western Technical College.

Firefighters are training at the school's old residence halls.

They're cutting holes in the roof as part of ventilation training and are practicing ways of forcing their way into a locked building.

Division Chief Gregg Temp says having a new place to train is invaluable. They have a fire tower where they can train, but it's not the same as an entirely new building.

"When we go down to our fire tower you know the guys have been in there a bunch of times, they know how the building lays out, they know what to expect," says Temp, "when we come in here we bring that unknown element in which is something that they deal with on calls every day and it forces them to think a little outside the box everyday to get the job done.""

The residence halls will be demolished when the training is over. The site will be used for the new greenhouse which is part of Western's referendum project.


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