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Few issues with new garbage and recycle program

La Crosse's garbage and recycling week one

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The lid is nearly closed on the first week of La Crosse's new garbage and recycling program. As expected, the changes are taking some getting used to.

In the first week the main issue was with cart pick-up, but both the city of La Crosse and Harter's Quick Clean-Up know the transition will take some time.

Randy Carson has been driving for Harter's quite a while, but he knows the change for garbage and recycling pick up here in La Crosse will take some getting used to.

"I'm learning just as the public is to be careful, to do it the right way. So eventually and hopefully soon this starts to run smoothly," Carson said.

Both Carson and the city of La Crosse knew there would be some bugs to work out,

"Yeah there's been some growing pains in this first week of cart pickup. A lot of different carts being placed in the wrong spots for collection," City of La Crosse Recycling Coordinator Brandon Shea said.

"The reasoning for the three feet is this arm here. If we can slide the plate up against the container then this arm clamps the container," Carson said.

The arm also needs space in the back.

"The arms itself when it clamps comes a little bit beyond the container so we have to have it away from any fixed object. your garage, your home, telephone poles snow banks," Carson said.

The City of La Crosse said citations weren't issued this week ... but bins are being watched closely.

"Harter's has hired some extra help to go around and tag some of the carts just to show residents that its in a wrong spot or it needs to be set a certain way," Shea said.

The city and Harter's know change is not easy ... but both say it will get easier with time.

"It's a huge learning curve for everybody," Shea said.

"It's going to be a learning process especially with the weather and winter," Carson said.

Another item the City of La Crosse pointed out is the amount of recycling they can now take. Both Harter's and the city brought up the point to me that they are accepting lots more recyclable items.

Anyone looking to get a different size bin in La Crosse can start requesting one next month.

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