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Feb. home sales dip in Wisconsin; La Crosse not as bad

Sales dipped in the state 10% compared to February 2013

Home Sales Fall in Febraury

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Wisconsin's housing market is taking a hit this winter.

Recent numbers from the Wisconsin Realtors Association show home sales fell last month while prices actually went up.

When comparing February 2014 to last year at that time, home sales in the state dropped more than 10%.

In that same 12 month period, the median price of existing homes increased 7.4%.

While the market usually slows in the winter, La Crosse isn't seeing the same drop in sales like other parts of the state. "It's down a little bit, but we're still up a little bit more in February for our market place, so that's good. So we were a little bit ahead of last year for last year's February and of course we gained on January's market," said the President of the La Crosse Area Realtor's Association Cindy Gerke-Edwards.

Median home sale prices in Wisconsin rose to $130,000 since last year.

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