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FBI joins search for escaped inmates

HILLSBORO, Wis. -- The FBI is joining in the hunt for two inmates who walked away from the Black River Correctional Center last week.

James Newman and James Misleveck remain at large after escaping from the minimum security facility.

Sources tell News 8 the FBI is questioning people who may have knowledge of their whereabouts.

The Vernon County Sheriff says there is no sign of Newman or Misleveck, but they will maintain a police presence in the Hillsboro area.

Late last week officials searched that area for the inmates after a call from a tipster.

The Hillsboro Police Department received a call from a person who said they personally know James Misleveck.

The tipster said they were confident they saw Misleveck in the passenger seat of a blue Toyota hatchback going through Hillsboro heading towards the Union Center area.

About a dozen law enforcement officials from the surrounding area searched the streets and back alleyways of Hillsboro.

The manhunt in Hillsboro failed to turn up the escaped inmates.


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