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Families celebrate National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Families across the country are turning off their TVs to take part in the National Day of Unplugging Saturday.

The day started at sunset Friday and runs through Saturday's evening. The goal is for people to spend an entire 24 hours connecting with each other face-to-face instead of through technology and social media. Experts say the use of all that technology can have a negative effect on relationships and even social skills. With all the screen time families can cram into the day, they could be missing out so much more.

"The most important question they should ask is what aren't they doing when they're plugged in? So we're spending more time as families connected to media, to technology, to social medias, and less time doing things with each other or doing things out in nature," said Jeff Reiland, a child and family therapist at Gundersen Health Systems.

Coming up in April, the country will celebrate the National Screen-Free Week, challenging families to take an entire 7 days off from TV and other technologies.

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