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Experts say Mississippi River will crest

Lower river levels expected next week

Experts say Mississippi River will crest

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Along with spring comes flooding season - but experts say that likely won't last too long here in La Crosse.

The National Weather Service says the river is expected to lower this weekend after reaching a peak of nearly 11 feet, but it should remain relatively high through most of this coming week, meaning the no-wake rules are still in place for boaters.

The spring flooding season isn't quite finished yet, though - thanks to recent snowfall, you can expect the Mississippi to take its time receding.

"There was quite a bit of snow across central part of Minnesota, and a lot of that will be melting and coming down through the Minnesota river system as well as the Mississippi," said Mike Welvaert of the National Weather Service. "All of that has to come through here at some point. What that'll do for our area is the river level will be going down, but it will probably go down slower than it might've gone down otherwise."

According to Welvaert, La Crosse has two gauges that help to precisely measure the river level throughout the flooding season.

Welvaert also said some shorelines near the Mississippi might be a little unstable and subject to small mudslides during this wet spring season.

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