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Electronic devices to blame for some rashes in kids

Latest findings in medical journal Pediatrics

Coating on Electronic Devices May have Nickel

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Electronic devices are being blamed for some recent unexplained rashes in kids.

The medical journal Pediatrics says there may be some nickel in their coatings causing allergic reactions.

It's the same reaction doctors see from things like jewelry and snaps on jeans. 

Nickel rashes aren't life threatening, but they can be very uncomfortable and require antibiotics.

"The simplest thing for most people is to put it in a case and have it be in a case, that's what most people are doing, which is why I don't think we see a lot of this yet, but it's being described now," said Dr. Todd Mahr, an allergist with Gundersen Health.

It may not look as nice, but Dr. Mahr says if you don't want to buy a case, you could try duct tape.

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