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Election day keeps poll workers busier than usual

Election day keeps poll workers busier than usual

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Poll workers at Myrick Park Center said they've seen about 100 people an hour, which brought about some interesting stories Tuesday.

Carl Krueger has been a poll worker for the last six years. But he says this year is a little different.

"We've had a lot of unusual things," Krueger said.

He says it seems votersĀ  have a lot more questions this year in comparison to four years ago.

"Maybe somebody is on a certain street certain address and well, it could fall into two categories, it's just a common thing and we have to then check the records back at city hall and they tell us if it's here or the other place that could have been listed."

While others have simply misvoted, by voting for more than one candidate per race.

With over 300 voters just between the hours of 7 to 10 a.m., Krueger says it's a day that just keeps bringing unexpected situations.

"People did their own filling out and went to the line and really they couldn't vote because they didn't have the information filled out."

Some people however didn't have information to fill out, but still wanted to cast a ballot.

"Well I came in expecting to be able to vote, we were told we need some proof of address but that's the catch, we're homeless so how do you prove that you're homeless?," said Justin Olson, a La Crosse native who wasn't able to vote Tuesday.

Krueger says in cases where those who are homeless aren't able to provide an address, there might still be a way to practice the right to vote.

"Basically if you were homeless and going to the warming center and I used to work there, for a number of years, they have a procedure there and they write the letter saying they're homeless but this is where they're authorized to use this to show proof of residence," Krueger said.

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