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Don't let your furnace burn out during cold

Heating companies moving maintenance calls to deal with emergencies

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - With the cold temperatures we've been seeing this winter it doesn't take long to cool down your house, especially when your furnace goes out. Local heating companies are taking extra steps to make sure if your furnace does lose its flame it isn't for very long.

The furnace went out at a home in Onalaska Monday night and Amy Fuller went to bed prepared.

"We just bundled up with blankets and I actually slept with my winter jacket on," Fuller said.

Jeremy Erickson from Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning came to fix the problem Tuesday morning.

"So now I'm just checking in the burner backs," Erickson said.

Schneider moved all their maintenance appointments from Monday and Tuesday to later this week. That way if emergencies came in they'd be ready.

"We make sure that everyone gets their heat fixed the same day that it comes in. You can't sit without heat in this kind of weather," Erickson said.


With the colder temperatures houses are even more at risk than normal.

"Usually with this kind of weather we're seeing a lot of breakdowns. Furnaces are getting very stressed out, they're running sometimes nonstop," Erickson said.

In homes with older basements that might not get as much heat but Erickson said a space heater isn't a bad idea.

"When you get this far below zero it's not a bad idea to bring a space heater down there and run it over night or even in this case when it gets above zero," Erickson said.

Another way to keep your furnace running is yearly maintenance.

"Start getting your furnace clean and tuned up in the fall instead of not doing it and then panicking when you see the weather and calling and trying to get something scheduled," Erickson said.

"(I was) very excited to see the guy show up. Yeah, very excited to see him and to finally get our heat back on," Fuller said.

Another step to keep your furnace running smoothly is checking the air filter at least once a month and replacing it no more than every three months. Erickson also said he doesn't recommend trying to fix the furnace yourself they use natural gas and it's dangerous.

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