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Dog helps boy with loss, Autism

Dog helps boy with loss, Autism

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - "Man's best friend," it's a common phrase often used to describe a dog's loyalty and companionship with humans.

And a dog named Dottie, is no exception to that rule.

Jordan Mihalovic has been working at a doggie business in Holmen for five years. He's been dubbed a "dog whisperer" for his special connection with dogs. But after recently losing his own dog, life has been a little different.

"We had to put our Basset Hound down, she was old and tired and not doing well," said Meme Mihalovic, Jordan's mother.

Putting the dog down was especially tough for the Mihalovic's. Jordan was diagnosed with autism when he was seven. And having a dog, eased many of the challenges he's faced.

"Part of the autism spectrum is having anxious moments and he's had a dog in his life since he was 18 months old, none of them have been what we can train to be companion dogs but they've all known when Jordan was in a state of anxiety and they do what Dottie is doing right now, they get up on his lap and or they get next to him and they just ease him, he starts petting them and he doesn't realize he's doing it," Mihalovic said.

That's when Jordan's boss, owner of the Invisible Fence of The Tri-States and Doggie Business, knew when a special dog went up for adoption, there was only one person who made the perfect match.

"Every time she came she wanted to be Jordan, so we decided that because of Jordan's family dynamic, we wanted to do something to help Jordan out, so Dottie has been professionally trained, and she is going to be on the invisible fence brand system, we installed it last week, and she'll be training on it coming up here," said Karla Toppen.

The Invisible Fence is a technology that helps keeps animals safe in the front and backyard through a computer collar receiver and special installation. Toppen decided to donate both the technology and dog to the Mihalovics.

"Jordan can safely take care of her in his home with his parents where he can let her outside she can get that energy she needs, run off and still be safe and not run out into the road and then Jordan doesn't have to have that fear that she's going to leave him," Toppen said.

Dottie will begin living with the Mihalovics in December.

The Invisible Fence of the Tri-States in Holmen offers a three-session training for petsĀ  at homes where the technology is installed.

The goal is to allow pets to enjoy being outside while not running off into other places.

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