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Despite cold, business works in scorching temperatures

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - With temperatures that didn't break zero Monday, you're probably hard-pressed to find someone content with the cold. But there's at least one place so steamy, you'd think you've found a mini Cancun right here in La Crosse.

Inside Sew Clean on Cass Street, the temperature hovers around 80 degrees all winter. Workers have several fans going throughout the day, and they even prop open a door to let some of the frigid air into their back room.

Surrounded by shirts and buttons, between racks of recently pressed clothes, you'll find employee Beth Zimmerman, struggling to keep cool.

"When I wake up in the morning I know it's freezing out, but I know I'll be sweating as soon as I get to work," she says.

Between the laundry company's presses, dry clean machine and boiler, everyone is sweating within a few minutes of starting their shift.

Just outside, people can hardly bear the dangerously low wind chills for very long – inside, Beth has her sleeves rolled up.

"I'm sweating," she laughs.

The irony of it all isn't lost on her.


"When you're stuck in here it's a little funny when you hear people talking about how cold it is outside, tell them just hang in here for a little bit," she says.

According to Beth, Sew Clean is the perfect job for the winter, but the atmosphere can get pretty stuffy in summer. Back in the pressing room, where she works, temperatures can break 100 degrees once June comes along.

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