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Cows, horses hit the slopes at Mt. La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Even though there's no snow on the ground, the ski slopes at Mt. La Crosse are a busy place.

Every summer the slopes become a grazing field for cows and horses from nearby farms.

It's part of a lease agreement that Mt. La Crosse signed with area farmers dating back to when the ski hill was built in 1959.


The General Manager at Mt. La Crosse says it not only benefits the farmers, it's been an added bonus for their business too.

"It really does help, especially in a year like this when fuel costs are so high and operating costs are so high, any little bit helps. So every Fall when we go to mow the slopes, it's helpful when the cows are out and keeping things shorter and it just cost a little bit less for fuel," said Darcie Breidel, GM at Mt. La Crosse.

Workers at Mt. La Crosse put up the fencing each spring and take it down in the fall when they start to get the ski hill ready for another season.

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